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Basic Wafu Dashi Powder - Awase (Bonito/Kelp) / MSG-Free, 1.69 oz


With this versatile wafu dashi powder you can quickly and easily prepare a rich, flavorful broth for seafood. Save yourself the trouble of having to prepare a bunch of different ingredients to make a dashi broth. This awase, which means "combined," contains kombu (kelp) which helps balance the strong flavor of the bonito. Along with bonito dashi broth, awase dashi broth is commonly used as a fundamental staple for a tremendous amount of Japanese dishes. It is brimming with umami and perfect for making immensely flavorful stews and udon noodle dishes. It contains no food additives, chemical seasonings, or MSG.

While you can certainly make your own dashi from scratch, many Japanese people nowadays prefer to use dashi powder for its convenience and quick preparation. With this basic wafu dashi powder, everything you need is already in the package. Simply add one sachet to hot water to make a basic and versatile awase dashi broth. Then you can add vegetables, noodles, fish, and many other ingredients to your liking. You can also sprinkle it directly onto soup or other ingredients to add a subtle dashi flavor. This box contains 8 sachets (0.21 oz each) of easy-to-use granulated awase soup stock.

Bonito Powder, Salt, Beet Sugar, Yeast Extract, Seaweed Powder.

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