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Saijo Persimmon Vinegar, 6.66 floz

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Saijo-gaki is a supreme persimmon variety that has been esteemed in Japan for centuries for its rich and jammy taste. Made with the high-quality persimmon harvested in Shimane Prefecture, Marufuku Farm’s Saijo Persimmon Vinegar is fruity, mellow and naturally high sugar content, which makes it great for drinks. It is also rich in vitamin C, polyphenol, and potassium, and because of its nutritious value, persimmon vinegar is considered to have various positive effects on lifestyle diseases, aging, and allergies.

Marufuku Farm strives to grow high sugar persimmons without chemical fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. They naturally brew the sweet persimmons without using acetobacter—harvesting optimal persimmons for vinegar-making, putting them in pots with wine kobo yeast, and brewing them naturally. After about a year, they strain the vinegar base, transfer it to aging tanks, and mature it for 5 years. After the long maturation, the persimmons’ beautiful flavors exhibit a mellow and profound taste. Enjoy the vinegar as a drink by mixing with water or seltzer. Or you can use it for cooking to add a fruity accent.  


You can make a wonderful drink just by mixing Saijo Persimmon Vinegar with cold water, hot water, or seltzer. Its mild acidity is also great with milk, soy milk, and yogurt. For cooking, it can be used just like other types of vinegar—add it to simmered dishes, sushi, pickles, salad, and cold appetizers. Or you can blend it with other seasonings or marinades, like soy sauce, dressings, and mayonnaise, to create your original flavorings.