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Mochi (Rice Cake), 12.34 oz


Mochi is a type of gelatinous treat made from a type of rice called glutinous or sticky rice. Made from 100% wet-field sticky rice grown in Japan, Maehara's mochi is a high-quality product that stays fresh for a long time without getting moldy. A great benefit of using this brand of mochi is that it has already been pre-cut into seven pieces that are individually wrapped. This enables you to enjoy one piece at a time while the other pieces stay fresh! Mochi is enjoyable all-year round in a number of dishes, and will definitely be a good staple to have on hand in your kitchen!

In Japan, the most popular method for enjoying mochi is grilling it. Just put a piece of mochi in a stove, toaster oven or a pan, and heat it up until the mochi swells up. The mochi can even be microwaved! Enjoy it with a simple dipping sauce of soy sauce and sugar.

Boiling is another common method for cooking mochi when it is added to dishes such as zenzai (oshiruko), ozoni, or savory nabe dishes (hotpot). And, if you cut it into half-inch small pieces, mochi serves as a great topping for ice cream, pudding or parfait.

Glutinous Rice.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Anna Roman
Mochi rice cakes

I really loved the mochi cakes. They were wonderful and reminded me of when I was a little girl in Japan. I definitely will be buying more. I have been looking everywhere for this type of mochi. The delivery service was quick. Thank You

Michelle Mattera

Fresh and tasty. These have become my go to meal addition. Recommend.

Tetsu Morita
Fresh. Right texture and becomes soft and sticky as it should if you warm it. Excellent taste.

Very well preserved as if you pounded not long ago.

Luli Bryson
Best ever

I grew up in Japan and had muchi all the time till I had to move to U.S. I haven't had muchi sence 1965. I loved the muchi I ordered ( 2 bags) that I ordered again ( another 2 bags ). Which is going fast. So I ordered 5 more bags.
It has brought back wonderful times of my childhood in Japan. Thank you so much. Am enjoying your site very much

Catherine Kerr
Versatile and fun

I love these! There are many different ways to prepare them, which are listed on the back of the package (in Japanese). They puff in the oven as promised! You can top them with kinako or red beans for a sweet snack, or wrap them in nori and dip in sauce for a savory snack. They would work for breakfast too. I even cut one into small cubes and used them in hot chocolate for a vegan alternative to marshmallows. Very conveniently wrapped in individual packages, so you can make only the number you need.