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Yuzu Honey, 10.58 oz

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A natural environment and eco-friendly production methods are the pillars of Sugi Bee Garden, the 75-year-old company that specializes in beekeeping, harvesting honey, hand-crafting honey products, and selling what they produce. Since its foundation in the rich nature of Kumamoto Prefecture, the company has committed to their business while upholding the philosophy of “Wholesome ‘Apiriculture’” (coined from apiculture and agriculture). They also maintain high standards of quality and safety control, utilizing management strategies based on Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) guidelines.

To make Yuzu Honey, Sugi Bee Garden masterfully blends house-made honey and refreshing yuzu citrus juice, creating a uniquely light, sour, and syrupy taste. Yuzu Honey is as versatile as regular honey—you can spread it on bread, pour it over desserts like ice cream, yogurt, and pancakes, and mix it into sauces and marinades for savory dishes. But it also makes great hot and cold drinks just by diluting one part of Yuzu Honey with five parts water. If you mix it with gin or vodka, you can create a wonderful cocktail.

This refreshing honey is perfect for sweet drinks (mix one part Yuzu Honey and five parts water), cocktails, and syrup for desserts. You can also use it for savory dishes such as yuzu teriyaki sauce (one part each of Yuzu Honey, cooking sake and mirin to two parts soy sauce) and yuzu marinade for salmon, pork, or chicken (one part Yuzu Honey, two parts olive oil and four parts apple cider vinegar, adding salt and pepper to taste). One way to fully enjoy Yuzu Honey’s beautiful aroma and the flavor is to try the recipe below;

Yuzu Honey Sandwich Cookies

  1. Place 100 g (3.5 oz) of all-purpose flour and 30 g (1 oz) of vegetable oil in a plastic bag and mix well by repeatedly kneading the bag.
  2. Once the flour and oil are incorporated, add 60 g (2 oz) of regular honey and knead further into a consistent dough.
  3. Keeping the dough in the bag, form it with a rolling pin into a 3-5 mm (0.1-0.2 inch) thick sheet.
  4. Preheat oven to 170℃ (about 340°F). Remove the dough sheet from the plastic bag, and cut shapes with your choice of cookie cutters. Use half of the cookies for a bottom layer of a sandwich cookie, and the other half for the top. Make a small hole in the top layer cookies to be filled in later.
  5. Bake the cookies in the oven for about 12 minutes (adjust baking time according to doneness). Once baked, let them cool.
  6. Use the Yuzu Honey to glue the two cookie layers together. Then finally fill the hole on the top with Yuzu Honey.

Refined Honey, Yuzu Juice, Citric Acid, Pectin.

Customer Reviews

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Paul Critelli
This will be served - ice cold - in all heavens!

I first had this mixed with some water as a drink in Japan - it was eternal love! I really enjoy all sorts of fruity drinks, but the right combination of this and clear water . . . it is the drink of paradise! I do wish Sugi Bee would buy an entire western state in the US and do what it does better than any other Bee Helpers! More, please!!!!

Mark Lu
Love this honey - so happy to find in the USA

Had this honey in Japan - never thought I would see it available in the USA - excellent for lemonade, yuzu marinade, sweet ponzu or with yoghurt

Thank for you for importing this!