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Yakisoba Noodle Kit 3 servings, 1.12 lbs

by Itsuki
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Now it's easier than ever to make a delicious dish of yakisoba with this Yakisoba Noodle Kit! This individualized cooking set enables you to make authentic yakisoba (Japanese stir-fried noodle) that is bursting with flavor. Unlike other soba noodles, yakisoba noodles contain no buckwheat flour. Instead, they are made from wheat and egg and exhibit a subtle elastic texture. Included in this kit is a sizzling spicy yakisoba sauce designed to greatly enhance the spicy flavor when stir-fried. This pack contains 3 single-serve packets of pre-cooked yakisoba noodles with separate sachets of umami-rich yakisoba sauce. The packaging is vacuum-sealed to ensure premium freshness and flavor of the noodles.

1. Heat up a teaspoon of cooking oil in a frying pan, and saute ingredients such as chopped carrots, onions, green pepper, cabbage, and pork. (You can add other ingredients as desired!) Cook until half-done.
2. Add 1 packet of yakisoba noodles and cook for additional 2-3 minutes while loosening the noodles. Then stir with 1 sachet of sauce.
3. Before serving, sprinkle your preferred garnish such as aonori seaweed flakes, mayonnaise, shichimi pepper or ichimi pepper. Enjoy!

You can also use the sauce that is included as a marinade for grilled meats and fish!

Noodle(Wheat Flour, Canola Oil, Wheat Gluten, Salt), Worcestershire Sauce, Sugar, Spices, Salt, Flavor, Enhancer, Acidulant, Caramel Color, pH Adjuster, Thickner(Modified Starch, Polysaccharide, Thickener).