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Tempura Batter Mix, 14.1 oz

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It's easy to make your own tasty tempura at home with this Tempurako (tempura batter)! Obviously the most important ingredient of crunchy and delicious tempura, this specially made batter absorbs less oil than other types of homemade batter, so it is a bit healthier. It also delivers a crispier, less greasy final product, resulting in much more enjoyable tempura! It is perfect for making tempura with shrimp, vegetables, and chicken! Make sure you have plenty of dipping sauce on hand, because you'll probably be making lots of tempura once you've tasted how good this batter is!

1. Add 3/4 cup of cold water to 1 cup of tempura batter mix and whisk together.
2. Once the batter is prepared, dip and coat your preferred ingredients such as shrimp and mushrooms in the batter. Note: Be sure the ingredients are dry before dipping.
3. Heat vegetable oil or canola oil to 350ºF in a pot or pan and place the ingredients into it.
4. Deep fry the pieces until they begin turning golden brown, then remove the pieces with a skimmer and let them drain.
5. Serve with salt, ponzu sauce, soy sauce or tempura dipping sauce. Adding grated daikon radish and a sprinkle of shichimi pepper will be a great upgrade.

How to make easy tempura dipping sauce:

Dashi 5 : Soy Sauce 1 : Mirin 1

Wheat Flour, Starch, Salt, Lactose, Baking Powder.