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Sansho Pepper Powder, 0.26 oz

by Maruya

This pepper powder is made from Sansho, a unique Japanese pepper that has a fresh aroma and spicy flavor. Made with Asakura Zansho, a premium sansho pepper, this premium pepper powder is well known for a rich aroma and great umami when added to any dish. Great care also went into the packaging of this pepper powder -- since sansho powder loses its strong flavor and scent when opened and left exposed to air for too long, this sansho pepper powder is packed into 25 individual size packets. This lets you use just as much or as little as you want at a time without worrying about the rest losing its freshness.

The most traditional way to use sansho is to sprinkle some on eel donburi and yakitori. In the Kansai region and other areas of Japan it is also used to add heat and flavor to udon dishes. Some creative uses for this sansho pepper powder include mixing it with salt to make a versatile "sansho flavored salt." This can be added to a wide range of dishes, including karaage (Japanese fried chicken), chicken wings, tempura, chips, and many other deep fried meals. It also goes well with teriyaki sauce, miso, and mayo. Lastly, you might consider using it in place of black pepper.

Sansho Pepper.

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