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Lemon Chili Pepper Paste (Lemon Kosho), 1.76 oz


Muchacha-en’s Lemon Chili Pepper Paste is a versatile seasoning that features the refreshing flavor of lemon and a sharp kick from red chili peppers. The company, located in Ehime Prefecture, sources the lemon from local contract farmers and uses its rind and juice to make this chili paste. First they mince the lemon rind and red chili peppers, then add salt and lemon juice, and carefully blend it into the resulting paste. Even the tiniest amount of paste instantly brings a distinct spicy taste matched with a refreshing lemon aroma. The paste is superb with yakitori chicken skewers, grilled chicken, gyoza dumplings and nabe hot pot. It also elevates seafood dishes—try it with boiled shrimp, steamed clam, or oyster cocktails. Because it’s salty, you don’t need no other seasoning. After adding it to soup noodles like udon, nyumen (vermicelli-like wheat noodles in soup), and soba buckwheat noodles, you’ll enjoy an elegant spiciness and citrus aroma with every bite.

The paste features a distinct spiciness and saltiness with a lemony aroma, which perfectly accompanies dishes like yakitori chicken skewers, grilled chicken, and gyoza dumplings. Its sharp, refreshing kick goes well with oily foods, so enjoy cooking stir-fries and sautéed dishes with the paste. It’s superb with meat umami, but it also complements seafood, spicing up dishes like boiled shrimp, steamed clam, oyster cocktails, and seafood carpaccio. When it’s used with hot soup dishes, such as nabe hot pot and soup noodles, the paste’s elegant, refreshing aroma tantalizes as the steam wafts up to whet your appetite. You can also mix it into pasta sauces, salad dressings or dipping sauces. It is easily incorporated into everyday food—mix it with mayonnaise and spread the now spicy mayo over bread or buns to make hamburger sandwiches or chicken burgers. You even use the spicy mayo for garnishing creative sushi rolls as well.

Red Pepper, Salt, Lemon Peel, Lemon Juice.

Customer Reviews

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This product is great! It has nice heat from the chili that does not linger too long. Must have a product.

Wendy V
Fantastic flavor elevator!

I love this paste! For lunch today, I added about a half-teaspoon to a bowl of plain Domingo Rojo beans with broth with completely delicious results. Pre-paste, I would have individually added salt, a spritz of lemon, and some variety of pepper flakes (I like zing). This paste takes care of all of those flavor elements and the sum is decidedly greater than the parts. My humble bean soup was elevated to another level. I love that this paste provides a complex and completely delicious 3-in-1 punch of salt/acid/heat. Yum! Will definitely buy again.

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