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Japanese Rose Salt, 3.52 oz


This rose flavored salt is specially made from a unique rose cultivar named Sahime, produced by an artisan rose horticulturist in Shimane, Japan. The Sahime organic rose exhibits enticing floral notes and a fruity-sweet aroma. This visually-stimulating salt is made with only two ingredients, Sahime rose petals, and select salt mined from a salt lake in Tibet, characterized with a subtle sweetness. No artificial additives. The result is a rosy salt that goes well with tempura, pasta, risotto, grilled meat, and fish. It makes a perfect gift as well!

Coveted by renowned chefs around the world, this luxurious rose salt is versatile and easy to use in many dishes from French, Italian, Spanish, American, to Japanese. It’s also a great addition to your favorite grilled chicken, fish, braised beef, steak, risotto, ajillo, frites, tempura, and even desserts. Drizzle some over salad or carpaccio. It also goes well with olive oil. To make your own aromatic and flavorful dressing, mix the rose salt with olive oil and/or vinegar. You can even use it as a distinctive ingredient for rose-flavored ice cream or with chocolate.

Salt, Rose Petal.

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