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Izumo Premium Rapeseed Oil, 9.52 oz

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Crafted from non-GMO, domestically-harvested Nanashikibu variety rapeseed, Izumo Premium Rapeseed Oil is a premier, pure oil that exhibits a light texture, deep flavor, rich aroma and beautiful golden hue. Using a traditional expeller-pressing method, this oil is from the first pressing. Kageyama Seiyusho, the only Japanese cooking oil maker approved to use the “domestic rapeseed oil” label, carefully performs the entire process of roasting the seeds in firewood burning kettles, pressing them, and filtering the resulting oil. Rapeseed harvested by their contract farms is stored in separate tanks allocated to each farm, and the pressing process is also performed separately according to the origin of the harvest. Therefore, each product has its rapeseed grower’s name on the label.

No artificial additives are used, and no decolorization or deodorization is performed to make the rapeseed oil. Accordingly, the oil is rich in vitamin E (tocopherol) and resists oxidization, which makes it ideal for deep-frying. You can easily make crispy tempura, katsu (breaded cutlet), and karaage fried chicken with this rapeseed oil. It can also be reused many times by adding new oil to replace the loss—in other words, there is no waste! Light, aromatic, and sustainable—Izumo Premium Rapeseed Oil is a must for your pantry.


This oil is perfect for cooking crispy deep-fries such as tempura and karaage fried chicken. Since the oil does not contain any artificial additives, it resists oxidization, which means it’s reusable! After using the oil for deep-frying, remove the fried dregs completely, put the oil in an air-tight container, and store it in a cool, dark place. The oil is not only ideal for frying but also cold dishes like salad and carpaccio.