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Fresh Ramen Noodles 8 Servings, 28.2 oz

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Whenever you want fresh ramen noodles for a delicious ramen bowl, you can have them thanks to the Hakubaku's Fresh-lock noodle method! These shelf-stable noodles need no refrigeration, and contain no additives, MSG, or preservatives. The un-fried ramen noodles have been specially preserved in the packaging so that they keep their soft and chewy texture. They are the perfect staple to have on hand for ramen bowls, yakisoba, and other noodle dishes! Keep a few on hand in your pantry for when you want to have guests over for a traditional ramen party where everyone adds the ingredients they like to their own ramen bowl!

Like dried or chilled ramen noodles, these noodles can be cooked with ease. Just boil, stir, strain and slurp! Boil 2 minutes for hard noodles (Katamen Style) or 2.5 minutes for soft noodles. Note that ramen noodles already have salt in the dough, so do not add salt when boiling, and boil them in a large pot of unsalted water. Once the noodles are boiled, strain (no need to rinse) and place them into a broth immediately. The longer they stay out in the open air, the stickier they get. Prepare broth and garnishes first. Enjoy these fresh noodles with your favorite ramen soup.

Wheat Flour, Water, Salt, Maltose, Protein From Wheat, Egg White Powder, Sodium Carbonate, Annatto Extract (By Annatto Seed)

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