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Echizen Nama Miso, 1.1 lbs

by Komego
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Echizen miso refers to a type of miso traditionally produced in the Echizen region (part of Fukui Prefecture). As compared to Shinshu miso, the most widely used type of miso, Echizen miso contains nearly two times more koji, exhibiting a mild and sweet taste profile. Hand-crafted by Komego, a 185-year old miso producer and the only miso purveyor to the historic Zen temple of Daihonzan Eiheiji, Echizen Nama Miso is truly an artisanal miso. It is aged for 6 months yet unpasteurized—“nama” means “unpasteurized”. During the aging process, it develops a profound and complex umami while still maintaining freshness. Since it is not pasteurized, probiotic agents like kobo yeast, lactic acid and koji in the miso remain active. Made from domestic soybeans, locally grown rice, and solar-dried sea salt, Echizen Nama Miso is extremely difficult and laborious to make, so even Komego’s experienced miso artisans can only produce small batches. Enjoy its multi-layered umami, fresh flavor, and abundant health benefits.

Miso is a very versatile ingredient and can be used to flavor many different types of dishes. In addition to soups, like traditional miso soup and tonjiru (pork and vegetable soup in miso-based broth), you can use it to season stir-fried dishes, or add to dipping sauces, dressings, glazes, and marinades. Echizen Nama Miso’s fresh, bold and complex flavor is especially good for enriching fish and meat dishes, and it also adds subtle layers of flavor to vegetable dishes, mushrooms, and even hamburgers. Miso lasts a very long time in the fridge, but since Echizen Nama Miso is unpasteurized, the fermentation continues. It is recommended to keep it sealed tight and refrigerated to enjoy its beautiful flavor.

Rice, Soybean, Salt, Alcohol (Retain Freshness).

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
phil devries
Echizen Nama Miso

Profoundly deep and delicious taste

Hisayo McCloskey
Dark taste

Flavor and taste are satisfied especially for Nero miso make. The sodium is high to me but it can be controlled with various method. I luckily found one soybean inside and the salty soybean was tasty, too.


Fresh and gentle. Not too salty. Perfect miso.