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Pressed Dried Edible Flowers, 5 pcs

by Tom
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These beautiful dried and pressed edible flowers decorate sweets and savory dishes and instantly elevate their look. The flowers are grown in Okuizumo Town in Shimane Prefecture, well-known for its natural environment with pristine water and clean air. Since the company uses neither pesticides nor chemical fertilizers, it successfully maintains a high level of food-safety and quality.

Each flower is manually handled—laid flat by hand, then pressed and dehydrated. This helps maintain the vibrant color and beautiful shape of the original flower and allows a much longer shelf life than fresh edible flowers. Tom’s Pressed Dried Edible Flowers is enjoyed in Japan as well as being sought after by starred restaurants and bars in high-ranked hotels in Europe and Asia. Each package contains five different kinds of pressed dried flowers apiece—pink verbena, blue verbena, violet, heart-shaped rose, and clover.

Their uses are limitless! You can decorate desserts, drinks, and savory dishes like salad with these flawless and lovely edible flowers. Especially when used with icing or frosting for cakes, cookies, doughnuts, danishes, and cinnamon buns, their beauty stands out. They can also garnish chocolate bars, popsicles, ice cubes, candies, and jellies easily. Be creative and enjoy. Store in a dry place.

Viola, Verbena, Rose, Clover.