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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Black Sesame Latte Mix (Unsweetened), 3.52 oz

by Kuki

Black sesame is a great source of fiber, calcium, and iron. Made only with black sesame, domestically grown “kurogoma kinako” (black soybean powder), and salt, Kuki’s Black Sesame Latte Mix exhibits a beautifully nutty aroma and flavor. It contains an abundance of black sesame powder—approximately 65,000 sesame seeds per package (contains 10 servings), allowing you to enjoy a rich and toasty black sesame taste while taking in its nutritional benefits. Since it’s unsweetened, the product is particularly suited to those who like to adjust their own sweetness or are on a reduced sugar diet. To make black sesame latte, just dissolve the mix in your choice of milk or your favorite plant-based alternative. Naturally, you are free to add your choice of sweetener, but we recommend honey for the best flavor combination. It can be enjoyed hot or cold. Although the mix was crafted to make latte, it can also be used for other drinks, such as black sesame flavored smoothies, cocktails or mocktails, and even for making pastries, cakes, bagels, and ice cream. No additives are used in this product.

To make black sesame latte, simply dissolve this mix into your choice of milk (hot or cold) and stir until smooth. Since it’s unsweetened, add your choice of sweetener to taste. The mix dissolves easily into liquid, so you can just add it to your favorite beverages whether it’s smoothies or cocktails. It is also a great flavoring for desserts. It can be easily mixed into ice cream, whipped cream, dough, batter, doughnuts, scones, cookies, mochi, cheesecake, and pancakes—your cooking options are limitless.

Roasted Black Sesame Seeds, Black Soybean Flour, Salt.