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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Anko (Red Bean Paste) - Tsubuan (Chunky Paste Type), 10.58 oz


Used in both sweet and savory dishes, anko is a versatile ingredient made from red beans, water, and sugar. Now you can save yourself the trouble of making your own red bean paste and use this premium Tsubuan. This style of red bean paste is made with premium Hokkaido adzuki red beans and has a chunkier texture than Koshian. It is an ideal red bean paste for making dishes such as Dorayaki, Ohagi or Zenzai (Oshiruko). You can also use it in place of smooth red paste if desired, as the ingredients are exactly the same.

1. Break eggs in a bowl and mix well.
2. Add milk, soy sauce, mirin, and honey to the eggs and mix well.
3. Sift in flour & baking powder and mix with a silicone spatula. Add sugar and mix more.
4. Heat the frying pan over medium heat.
5. Pour the batter onto the pan. It should be about the size of a cup coaster. No oil needed.
6. Once you see small bubbles on top of the pancake, flip over and cook the other side. Make about 10 small pancakes. Allow them to cool.
7. Once cool, make a sandwich with two pancakes, and spread plenty of red bean paste in the middle.

Sugar, Red Bean, Sorbit.