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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Roasted Nori Seaweed 5 Sheets, 0.52 oz

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Mainly used to make sushi rolls or temaki (hand-roll) sushi, this premium brand of roasted nori seaweed is made of only the finest grade nori grown in Mikawa, Aichi prefecture. While the production amount from Mikawa Bay accounts for only 0.4% of the entire nori production in Japan, this brand is well known as premium nori for its distinctive taste, color, and aroma. The nori is cultivated when it is young in order to deliver a richer, stronger flavor, as opposed to other nori that is much older, and therefore less flavorful. Enjoy this luxurious nori with your favorite sushi or a variety of dishes!

In addition to using nori for sushi rolls, this roasted nori is also a great ingredient to use in a variety of Japanese dishes. Simply cut it up or crumble it into small pieces and it becomes a very versatile seasoning or garnishment. Smaller pieces can be used to wrap an onigiri (rice ball) or soy sauce-glazed mochi. Chop it into tiny pieces to use as a garnish for mentsuyu dipping sauce for noodles such as soba, udon and somen noodles. Chopped nori can be also used to sprinkle on wafu (Japanese style) pasta or donburi (rice bowl) dishes such as Oyako-don and Yakitori-don.

Dried Seaweed.