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Premium Usukuchi Soy Sauce, 16.66 floz

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This premium soy sauce is made with naturally soft water streaming from the Ibo River, fatty soybeans cultivated in the outskirts of the Chugoku Mountains, and sea salt from the Seto Inland Sea. What all this means is that this soy sauce delivers an amazing flavor that is unsurpassed. It's mild and rich and serves to accentuate the original flavors and umami of various foods. Part of the secret of this amazing premium soy sauce is that amazake is added during the fermentation process, which results in a mellower flavor to the finish. Usukuchi is also lighter in color than other soy sauces, and so can be added to many dishes without darkening them, preserving the original color of the foods.

This premium usukuchi soy sauce by Higashimaru is the perfect soy sauce to complement dishes that already have a nice range of flavors, such as udon, simmered dishes, and many Japanese and Western meals. The soy sauce adds a mellow saltiness to the dish and serves to elevate the other flavors of the different ingredients. And, because it is lighter in color, you should also use this soy sauce to flavor or marinate a dish when you don't want the deep color of dark soy sauce ruining the look of the ingredients. It is also important to remember that usukuchi is saltier than the darker soy sauces, so you will want to use it more sparingly.

Water, Soybean, Salt, Wheat, Rice, Fermented Rice Seasoning.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hisayo McCloskey
Good quality of Usukuchi shoyu

I personally don’t like dark strong Shoyu and this Usukuchi Shoyu makes vegetable dishes good flavor and taste. I am satisfied with this product and prefer its larger size for future purchase.

Lovely mild soy sauce

Delicious and not quite as salty as regular soy sauce. Very complex flavor and love it on my rice, veggies and beans. Lighter color too. Scrumptious.

Frank Fighera
Top Shelf

Unami at its best!