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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Premium Koikuchi Soy Sauce - 50% Reduced Salt, 16.66 floz

by Marukin

Do you like soy sauce but don't like the high amount of sodium it contains? Now you can enjoy the same intense salty and rich umami flavors of high-quality soy sauce without all the salt! This all-purpose premium koikuchi soy sauce is made with the same ingredients as regular soy sauce but contains 50% less salt. It's the perfect substitute for regular soy sauce for anyone who needs to have less salt in their diet or those who are just seeking to reduce their salt intake. You'll be able to add this soy sauce to any number of dishes, marinades, and sauces, but with only half of the salt!

There are many different types of soy sauce, but koikuchi (dark) is the most common. It is also the basic component of most sauces in Japanese cooking. And, just like with regular soy sauce, you can use this reduced-salt soy sauce in any dishes that call for soy sauce (unless another specific type of soy sauce is specified). This low-sodium soy sauce is perfectly suited as the classic dipping sauce for sashimi and sushi. You can also use it as a seasoning for vegetables and rice, and it can be added to marinades and sauces to help develop delicious umami-rich flavors!

Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt, Alcohol(Retain Freshness).