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Izumo Sansho Pepper Powder, 0.21 oz


Powdered sansho peppercorn is a traditional Japanese spice that boasts a unique, refreshing aroma and pungent flavor. With an optimal environment for growing sansho, the Oku-Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture has 1,300 years of history cultivating the plant. Located in the area, Izumo Hachi Sansho deals with the whole process from growing it to manufacturing its products. Their Izumo Sansho Pepper Powder is made from the Asakura Zansho variety, known for its beautiful green color, citrusy and fruity aroma, and moderate spiciness. The sansho peppercorn is handpicked in May—the time its aroma peaks, dried using the company’s own original method to maintain its vibrant green color, and carefully ground. The spice adds a piquant and fragrant kick to any food.


Izumo Sansho Pepper Powder can be added to a variety of dishes as a final touch. The most traditional way is to sprinkle some on eel donburi and yakitori, but you can also mix it with salt and make a versatile sansho-flavored salt that can be added to a wide range of dishes, including fried chicken, chicken wings, tempura, chips, and deep-fried dishes. Izumo Sansho Pepper goes well with teriyaki sauce, miso, and mayo too. It does not only spice up Japanese food but also Western cuisines as well—it is especially great with white sauces.


Japanese Pepper.