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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Tonkatsu Sauce, 10 floz

by Papaya

Consider this the Japanese version of Worcestershire sauce. Made with a variety of vegetables and fruits such as tomatoes, dates and prunes, this classic brown savory sauce is slightly sweeter and thicker. It was designed to use for tonkatsu dishes (Japanese-style pork cutlet), but can be used as a condiment for many other dishes. There are many brands of tonkatsu sauce you might find in a market, but this tonkastu sauce has been specially crafted and brewed, and the result is unrivaled -rich and flavorful umami. Enjoy the savory aroma and the subtle hint of sweetness on both Japanese and Western dishes.

While this tonkatsu sauce is, of course, the perfect accompaniment to crunchy tonkatsu dishes, it also can be enjoyed with breaded fish, fried breaded chicken cutlets, or croquettes. Aside from fried and crunchy foods, this versatile sauce works well with a variety of dishes such as omelettes and even burgers. Try using it on grilled foods, on French fries, in stir-fries, and even in cocktails such as Bloody Marys! You can also mix the sauce into stews or marinades, and even curries, for unique, complex, and flavorful results. Think of some of other creative ways you can use this Japanese sauce and you won't be disappointed!

Tomato, Date, Prune, Sugar, Vinegar, Salt, Wheat Starch, Spices.