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Izumo Soba Noodles, 7.05 oz


Izumo soba refers to traditional soba noodles rooted in the Izumo region in Shimane Prefecture, and it is regarded as one of the three best styles of soba noodles in Japan. Its unique feature is the way in which it’s made from whole soba grain, making it more flavorful, aromatic, and nutritious. Established in 1913, Honda Shoten has specialized in producing authentic Izumo soba for five generations by using fresh soba flour milled in-house. Izumo Soba Noodles boasts a robust flavor and firm texture, and it allows you to taste the genuine umami of soba. They blend domestically-grown soba and wheat flour in a one to one ratio. No binding agents, food additives or preservatives are used. Due to the steam sterilization technique they've perfected, the soba maintains its freshness yet it can still be stored at room temperature.


Since these soba noodles are fresh, cooking time is much shorter than that of dried noodles. Cook 3 minutes in boiling water, rinse in cold running water for 10-20 seconds, drain, and then you can enjoy them cold or hot whichever you prefer. If you choose cold, serve with a soy-based dipping sauce and garnishes like nori seaweed, scallions, grated daikon radish, wasabi, and grated ginger. You can also use your favorite dressings and eat them like a salad. If you prefer hot, enjoy them with dashi soup. In the Izumo region, locals eat them “kamaage” style—freshly cooked soba served in the same hot water used for cooking with soy-based sauce and garnishes added.


Buckwheat Flour, Wheat Flour, Salt.