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Yuzu Syrup, 16.66 floz

by Kishida
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To add a unique touch of zesty citrus flavor to sauces, desserts, vinaigrettes, dressings, and marinades, try this Yuzu syrup! This delicious and fragrant syrup is made with the fresh juice of the local yuzu fruit, a citrus fruit popular in Asian cuisine. Also known as the Japanese summer orange, the fruit juice adds the perfect amount of refreshing citrus aroma and a hint of sourness to other ingredients in a dish. A highly versatile staple, it will likely earn a permanent place in your pantry! Let your culinary creativity shine as you find plenty of use for this uniquely flavorful yuzu syrup.

Add this yuzu syrup to sauces and marinades, and to accent salads, soups, fish, and vegetables with its distinctive citrus flavor and aroma. You can also use it to make refreshing cocktails: Dilute with still or sparkling water (yuzu syrup 1: water 5) for a simple yuzu juice, or be creative and add another diluent to make sophisticated yuzu beverages, cocktails or mocktails. It is also a very popular ingredient in desserts, such as custards, pies, and sorbet. Use just a little bit of this syrup to add a beautifully fragrant bouquet to miso soup and as the citrus component of ponzu sauce. And, of course, it can be used as a luxurious topping for ice cream or shaved ice.

Yuzu Juice, Citrus Natsudaidai Juice, Glanulated Sugar, Honey, Millet Jelly.

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