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100% Pure Japanese Sudachi Juice, 5 floz

by Kishida
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Sudachi citrus boasts a uniquely elegant aroma and refreshing tartness with an abundance of minerals. It actually has more citric acid and vitamin C than lemon! This bottled juice is made by squeezing only fresh sudachi harvested specifically from mid to late-September in Tokushima Prefecture, and it perfectly captures the refreshing aroma and flavor of the citrus. The locals in Tokushima have traditionally enjoyed sudachi juice as a seasoning, for mixing into drinks and making desserts, just like lemon and lime. Its soothing aroma and tart flavor are particularly great with dishes like grilled fish, sashimi, and fried chicken. You can also add a dash of sudachi juice into soy sauce and vinegar to make an original dressing or mixing it with mentsuyu (sauce for Japanese noodles) to invigorate your udon and somen noodles. It is also good for marinating raw fish, and serving it like ceviche, crudo, or carpaccio. No additives, colorings, or preservatives are used.

You can enjoy sudachi’s elegant aroma and distinct tartness just by using it like lemon or lime. Whether splashing over grilled fish, sashimi, and fried dishes, or mixing into dressings and noodle soups, the sudachi juice adds a wonderful accent to any dish. For example, you can easily make a wonderful salmon carpaccio with a Japanese twist. Just sprinkle salt and pepper over thinly-sliced sashimi-quality salmon, drizzle Kishida’s 100% Pure Sudachi Juice over it, and then add a few drops of vegetable oil to finish. We also recommend you to use the sudachi juice for beverages—you can make a refreshing drink by diluting the sudachi juice with water and sweetening it with honey. If you freeze the drink, it transforms into a sudachi sorbet! You can make original cocktails just by adding sudachi juice to your choice of alcohol such as shochu, sake, vodka, or gin.

Citrus Sudachi.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Hiroshi O.
Unique Flavour & Great Bottle

It had a really unique flavour. I was used to marmalade and different products made from yuzu before when I was in Korea, but I had never tried yuzu juice until now. I really enjoyed it while it lasted and liked the lovely bottle it came in. It was a tangy yet not overpowering flavour that worked well in spicier side dishes. I recommend it to everyone to try at least once, especially if you've already had something with yuzu in it before.

Yuki Nozu
Love it!

You see Yuzu but not this too often! It’s so different from Yuzu but yet has a natural and a kick. I used it for grilled fish but I believe it can go well with steak as well.