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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Organic Ponzu Sauce (Japanese Citrus Vinaigrette), 5 floz


Bando Farm is the only certified farm in Japan that conducts the entire process of growing citrus and manufacturing citrus goods onsite. Their organic ponzu boasts an intense and citrusy flavor with a stellar balance of salty, tangy aroma and umami. Blended with citruses like aromatic yuzu, tart sudachi, and sweet yukou and combined with koikuchi soy sauce, this organic ponzu sauce exhibits a complex tanginess and bright floral-fruity aroma. It is highly versatile and often used as a dipping sauce for sashimi, gyoza, grilled steak or fish, and many other dishes, as well as a dressing and even a marinade. You will love this ponzu for its beautiful harmony of ingredients which serves to truly enhance the flavor of many dishes.

The most common way to use ponzu is as a dipping sauce for dishes like sashimi, dumplings, Korean pancakes, and grilled meat or seafood. But, in fact, its perfect balance of saltiness, tanginess, and sweetness will enhance the umami of a wide variety of foods and can be used as a refreshing dressing, and a marinade for vegetables, meat, and fish. It's also great in any recipes calling for soy sauce and lemon or lime juice. Try this versatile ponzu sauce with your favorite dishes as a more exciting replacement for regular soy sauce!

Soy Sauce (Water, Soybean, Wheat, Salt), Vinegar, Citrus Juice (Yuzu, Sudachi, Yuko), Sugar, Mirin Seasoning.