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Traditional Umeboshi (Pickled Premium Grade Ume), 3.52 oz

by Nakata
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Ume is a Japanese plum that is held in reverence in Japan, and is a traditional part of Japanese cuisine. The most popular use for ume is umeboshi--pickled ume fruits. Umeboshi is a very popular health food thanks to its high levels of citric acid and the unique activity of its polyphenols, which suppress the activity of viruses and bad bacteria (including flu, common cold, H. Pylori which causes ulcers, and microbial activity from food spoilage). Umeboshi are surprisingly salty and sour, but if you keep chewing you'll discover a rich and pleasant fruitiness at the end; it is the rich fruity flavor of the ume that has been preserved in the pickling process.

Before using or consuming umeboshi, soak them in warm water for an hour or more to desalinize the salt. Doing this also makes it easier to make the ume into a paste, which can be used for a wide variety of culinary applications.

- Mix into stir fries, sushi rolls, dressing, yakitori or onigiri (rice ball), or use it as an ingredient for a marinade for meats.
- Add umeboshi to pasta, pizza, cold tofu or salad.
- Add umeboshi to a Bloody Mary and shochu. (There is no need to make it into paste for shochu; just drop it in the glass.)

Plum, Salt.

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