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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Organic Umeboshi (Pickled Premium Grade Ume and Red Shiso), 3.52 oz

by Fukami

Umeboshi, commonly known as pickled “ume" plum, is actually a salt-cured ume plum that has been enjoyed in Japan for centuries. Its salty and super sour taste makes it a perfect accompaniment for a variety of Japanese dishes. Fukami’s Organic Umeboshi is a premium umeboshi featuring ripe organic Nanko plums, the highest regarded variety, harvested by the Fukami family.
This fourth-generation family-run farming and manufacturing business, rooted in Wakayama Prefecture, has grown organic Nanko plums without chemical pesticides or fertilizers since 1940. This umeboshi is crafted with Wakayama-sourced organic red shiso (a Japanese herb known as “perilla”) and sea salt from Hyogo Prefecture—using a traditional curing method handed down through the family, all of the quality ingredients are aged in barrels for one whole year without artificial additives or preservatives. This careful and painstaking production process brings out the natural sourness from ume plums, the robust yet refreshing aroma from red shiso, the umami from sea salt, and a beautiful ume color, which all combine to whet your appetite. Enjoy this superb umeboshi as a healthy snack, or add it to porridge and udon noodles. No artificial additives such as flavoring, coloring, preservatives, or seasonings are used. It’s 100% natural.

Since this umeboshi boasts a beautiful flavor and aroma from its natural ingredients, it’s perfect to eat it as is. In addition to enjoying it as a healthy snack, you can add it on top of rice, porridge, udon noodles or cold tofu, garnish sushi rolls, yakitori, and onigiri rice balls, and mix in dressings, marinade, and stir-fry sauces. It also complements non-Japanese dishes such as pasta, pizza, and salad. If you enjoy cocktails, why not try putting a single umeboshi plum in your glass before filling it with shochu? It can also be used to make a Bloody Mary with a Japanese twist.

Plum, Salt, Red Perilla.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Satisfied Customer
The Best!

Our family loves these particular plums...they are hands down the best. Customer service, packaging and delivery were also stellar.

Jimmy Gerovac
The ones that were still good were ok

My order came fast and packed well but unfortunately, 3 of the plums were pretty much just dark grainy mush when I opened the package. Not faulting the company it was 95 degree days when they arrived so I'm guessing that was the main factor. They were not really sour at all which was a bit of a disappointment because I bought them with the understanding that these are overly sour fruits which is what I was looking for. They were very salty and "briny" with a hint of sour and sweetness. Not bad at all but just not what I was expecting or looking for.

Pat Stevens
Remembering her childhood

My mom is 87, and left Japan at 18 when she married my dad, and never returned to her homeland. Now, a widow in failing health whose appetite continues to diminish, there are few things that bring her enjoyment. One day she shared a story from her childhood about the umeboshi she would eat with her hot rice. It was such a vivid memory for her. I couldn’t wait to order them for her. You can imagine how excited she was to receive them. She savors every bite and says they taste just like she remembers. Thank you for creating a quality product and putting a smile on my mother’s face. I will be ordering more VERY SOON!

Umeboshi for Healthy Life

I love Umami Insider's umeboshi, because it's larger and more moist.

Megumi Abiko
Just like my OBaachan made it

been missing my grandma's umeboshi for the longest time and tried and tried and tried all different ones. Tears of joy running down my face finalllllly just like my OBaachan made it, pure simple and WONDERFUL!!!!