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Japanese Lotus Root Powder, 1.76 oz

by Nakano
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Lotus root, with its crisp texture, subtle sweetness, and unique shape, is enjoyed in Asian countries for both everyday and celebratory dishes. But this root vegetable also has tremendous health benefits. Made from premium lotus roots harvested in Tokushima Prefecture, Nakano’s Japanese Lotus Root Powder concentrates the nutritional value even more. Using the whole root and skin, they take great care during all of the production processes from harvesting to peeling, washing, sterilizing, dehydrating, and pulverizing. They employ a slow dehydration method at a low temperature in order to maximize the root vegetable’s taste and nutrition, which includes fiber, vitamin C and potassium. 80% of a lotus root is water, so after being dehydrated and pulverized, the nutritional value is concentrated so much more—1 gram of lotus root powder contains the same nutritional value as 10 grams of fresh lotus root. Also, the powdered form is more easily absorbed by the body. Japanese Lotus Root Powder is versatile and easy to use. Its gentle flavor is ideal for use in both savory and sweet dishes. The product contains no additives.

Since it’s a powder, you can easily incorporate it to your regular cooking and enjoy lotus root’s plentiful nutritional value. Use it for thickening soup, chowder, stew, or curry, as well as sauces, syrup, or even drinks like smoothies and ginger tea. You can also sprinkle it over stir fries, mix it into deep-frying batter, and add it to meatballs or hamburger steaks as a bonding agent. Its subtle sweetness and earthiness make it great with desserts as well. When used with pancakes, doughnuts, and muffins, the powder helps produce a light, yet chewy, texture.

Lotus Root.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Hiroshi O.
Mild Flavour

Very mild flavour. I use it on a variety of dishes for added flavour. It is quite expensive, so I might not repurchase, but it was interesting and worth it to try once.

Marie Lambert
Lotus Root Powder

Very good

Linda W.
Welcomed addition!

Pleasantly surprised at how it thickened sauces and flavored my veggies. Will buy again!