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$5 Flat Rate Shipping On Orders $29+

Takoyaki Sauce, 10.6 oz

by Otafuku
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This sweet and salty sauce is specially made to be the ideal condiment for takoyaki (octopus balls). Dark and slightly thick, a bit of this sauce adds the perfect, subtle touch of umami to each bite of takoyaki. The combination of different spices and ingredients work in conjunction to provide levels of flavor that compliment the takoyaki without overpowering them.

Think of it as ketchup for your burger or mustard for your hot dog-- Takoyaki sauce goes with takoyaki! It is traditional to simply drizzle the sauce over a plate of takoyaki before eating. However, there is no right or wrong way to enjoy this amazing sauce. Drizzle it or dip the fried octopus balls into a small bowl of the sauce for a more generous helping. Authentic takoyaki is chopped octopus and other ingredients fried with batter. The result is an amazing ball of flavor with a crunchy outside and a hot, melty inside. You can, however, substitute many other ingredients, such as mochi, cheese, konjac (Konnyaku), kimchi, sausage or corn, and even chocolate!

Fruits and Vegetables (Tomato, Onion, Apple, Date, Carrot, Peach, Orange and Garlic), Water, Sugar, Vinegar, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Soy Sauce, Salt, Modified Food Starch, Bonito Extract, Spices, Monosodium L-Glutamate, Oyster Extract, Kelp Extract, Xanthan Gum, Disodium 5'-Inosiate. Contains: Soy, Wheat, Bonito, Oyster.