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Ago (Flying Fish) Dashi Powder / MSG-Free, 1.12 oz

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With this Ago (Flying Fish) Dashi Powder you can easily and quickly create a flavorful dashi broth to use with many different dishes. This particular dashi powder is made with ago, a high-quality flying fish caught in Japan, and natural sea salt from Okinawa. The result is a richer yet gentler flavor than the dashi made with bonito, but it is still brimming with umami. What makes this dashi broth so distinctly flavorful is the unique method of production, which blends smoked ago and sun-dried ago together. It's a truly flavorful dashi broth, fragrant and delicious. Contains no chemical seasonings or MSG.

There are plenty of recipes that show you how to make a dashi broth from scratch, but it can be time-consuming and you'd have to gather all the different ingredients together. Instead, use this dashi powder to quickly create a flavorful broth and then add noodles, fish, vegetables, or other ingredients as you desire. You can also use the dashi broth in marinades and to add distinctive flavor to sauces. Or, you can simply sprinkle the powder directly over soups, salads, and other dishes for a subtle dashi flavor. The broth is also ideal for udon or ramen. This box contains 8 sachets (0.14 oz each) of easy-to-use granulated ago dashi stock.

Flying Fish Powder, Salt, Beet Sugar, Yeast Extract.